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   Wednesday, November 22nd   
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Local Sports

Professional sports teams in or near Tacoma include the Seattle Sounders FC soccer team, the Tacoma Stars indoor soccer team, the Seattle Mariners MLB team, and the Seattle Seahawks NFL team, the NFL 2013 Champions. There is also the Tacoma Rainiers, a minor league baseball team near at hand, one of the more reliable minor league teams and fairly near base.

Division I College teams in Washington include the University of Washington Huskies, Washington State University Cougars, Eastern Washington University Eagles, Gonzaga Bulldogs, and Seattle University Redhawks.

The Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic (the STP) is a two day bicycle ride (not a race, although you can push for time if you want) in July. Thousands of riders ride, with about a sixth completing in one day.

Puget Sound has miles of water and shoreline, allowing for boating, sailing, scuba, swimming (in hot weather - the Sound is generally cold), kayaking, and fishing. There are lots of hikers, bikers, and other fitness types. One of the major national outdoor outfitters is based in Seattle, and climbing, running, hiking, biking, camping, and other outdoor activities are popular with people who pretty much ignore the damp weather.

Beach activities in the area are shaped by the cold and rain. While suntanning is popular in the summers, for most of the year, beach activities are relegated to the land of hiking boots and a warm jacket. And though a considerable drive (~3.5 hours), beaches on the Pacific coast, notably La Push and Ruby Beach, are among the most beautiful in the world.

Golfers should have no trouble finding a tee; the area near base supports half a dozen courses within a fifteen minute drive alone.

Skiing in the Cascade Mountains is readily available and there are several spectacular ski slopes. With a longer than average ski season, even the most ardent ski buffs will be satisfied.

Hunting: The Washington Department of Fish and Game regulates hunting on elk, deer, bear, cougar, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, moose, and turkey; also small game including bobcat, coyote, fox, raccoon, and hare, and various birds including turkey, pheasant, quail, partridge, grouse, duck, and geese, and trapping various furbearers.

Fishing: Washington is famous for salmon fishing, and also offers albacore tuna, carp, shad, shrimp, squid, walleye, and shellfish fishing. Do not hunt or fish for marine mammals - it's illegal and the locals have no tolerance for it.
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